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If you have served in the air force, army or navy, you may have had accommodation provided for you. When you leave the forces you may have nowhere to stay. You may also find it hard to adjust well to civilian life.

Veterans who are homeless and assessed as vulnerable are one of the groups of people classed as in priority need under homelessness legislation. This means that your local council may have a duty to provide accommodation or other appropriate support.

Getting help

There are several key organisations that provide support on a wide range of issues to veterans, as well as some services that have been specifically set up to provide support around housing or other issues:

Contact your local Housing Department to see if they have a responibility to provide you with housing or other help.

Or you could contact an independent local homelessness advice service for information on your rights.

  • To find the details of your local council's Housing Department, select Housing Department under Service and the relevant Area on Homeless UK's Services search.
  • To find details of all local homelessness advice services (including independent services as well as the Housing Department of your local council), select Homelessness advice under Service and the relevant Area on Homeless UK's Services search.

More information

Many of the websites of the services listed above give useful information, in particular: