Housing Law and Possession

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A one day course for people who are responsible for taking tenancy possession action.

This course will give you the practical skills needed to help clients improve self awareness, build motivation and self-esteem, break free from unhelpful behavioural patterns, and take responsibility for their actions and choices.

A mixture of training methods is used on this course. You will explore typical problems faced by professionals that work with vulnerable people, such as the tendency to attribute “blame” on to others and resistance to pro-activity. The blend of approaches is designed to ensure that you will gain insights that are of immediate, practical use in your everyday working life.

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Who is this course for?

Frontline supported housing staff and managers who are responsible for taking tenancy possession action. Please note: participants should have a good knowledge of tenure issues.

This course will:

Please note: It is advisable that participants have a good knowledge of tenure issues.

  • how to prepare court documentation
  • how to prepare and present a case in court
  • possible court outcomes
  • possible post hearing actions
  • good practice in managing possession
  • the law and good practice in managing abandonment and former tenant belongings


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